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28 January
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Raised in the Texas Hill Country by a pack of wild hippies, Satyric currently lives in Austin. His interests are many and varied, his tastes eclectic, and his friends important to him. He was enjoying writing for a living, and is now questing for something else creative and interesting to do.

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Satyric's lived in: Marble Falls, TX; Lakeway, TX; Austin, TX; Idyllwild, CA; Homestead, FL; Forest Grove, OR; and Santa Cruz, CA
"weird" science, aimee mann, art, asian food, audrey hepburn, austin, austin texas, bagpipes, bbc, bears, billy connolly, board games, book stores, books, british comedy, british tv, card games, carnivore, castles, cats, celtic art, celtic music, chivalry, chocolate, claude monet, coffee, conventions, conversational salons, cooking, creole, cuddling, deposing bush, dessert for breakfast, discworld, drums, eddie izzard, empathy, expanding horizons, fantasy, fawlty towers, fiction, fine dining, flirting, folklore, free speech, freezepop, fried bananas, friends, game design, games, garlic, graphic novels, honesty, horror films, hot showers, hugging, hypnosis, ice storms, indian food, inspiring environments, ireland, jhonen vasquez, johnathan donahue bristow, jon stewart, kate bush, kids in the hall, kilts, leonard cohen, libraries, literature, loreena mckennitt, lyrics, mad science, massage, mediaeval baebes, mil millington, milan kundera, molly ivins, movies, music, musicals, mystery, mythology, neal stephenson, novels, nutella, odd soundtracks, outer space, paganism, passion, people-watching, peter gabriel, playfulness, poetry, rasputina, reading, red dwarf, renaissance faires, roald dahl, rube goldberg machines, santa cruz, sarcasm, science, science fiction, scotland, self-awareness, self-discovery, sensuality, shamanism, shiny objects, silence, silliness, single malts, smart people, smofs, socializing, something positive, spider robinson, spooning, storytelling, tea parties, terry pratchett, the princess bride, thunderstorms, tim burton, tori amos, travel, travelling, urban living, warwick castle, web comics, whimsey, wisdom, wit, women, wonderfalls, writing

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